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simcity buildit review

Well, this is not the first time when I am writing about Simcity Buildit, and I can write about it for many more years to come. I am so much addicted to this game, and playing it day by day is improving my skills of building my own mega city. It was always quite interesting for me, from the first day I started playing this game. I still remember the day clearly, and it was all like a picture, stick to my head and memory for ever. I am overwhelmed to share some of my thoughts with you, in order to help you make the most of Simcity Buildit services of all time.

This was the first point, which I always used to take a note of, while playing a round of Simcity Buildit. Let me discuss some of the crucial points over here, which will help in accentuating the value of your game.Whenever you are thinking about public building, then its placement in relation to residential building is going to be an important or crucial part of this game.It is vital for you to ensure that at least one building can touch as many residencies as it can. It helps in maximizing the investments, as public buildings are said to cost you some high amount.


If you are one of the early gamers of this building slot, then fire departments and parts are always considered to be the biggest forms of public businesses, which are to be taken into consideration. Pay attention to it accordingly.It is always mandatory to set a city with early zones with three residences in a row and road with a park and a set fire department.Make sure that your residential buildings can get access to public buildings, as and when required.You also have to start unlocking the specialty buildings and police, to make your city a safe and healthy spot for people to stay.

This seems to be another pretty thing, which I have learnt after playing round of simcity for so many years now. Avoid using SimCash for the timers. It can form a pretty smart and standard tip for the timer based players.You are always going to get benefits of the speeding up time. So, pending money for it is nothing but waste of your hard earned cash. You can use it later for future use.There are some Freemium games, which are tempting enough for you to spend premium currency. Do not ever do that for your own good.

Make sure to follow the points thoroughly for some great result. If you want to be a pro just like me and build a great city, then you must follow these points accurately. Well, another important thing is that, you can also get help of simcity buildit cheats you want to. However, there are so many other interesting types of services, which are mostly suitable for you. If you want to know more, then just go through my articles immediately, for some help.

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